Welcome to my shop and virtual gallery! 

I am Sophie, a botanical artist and Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists.  Over the last 15 years I have focussed on a series of large-scale oil paintings, highlighting the breathtaking beauty and intricacy that I see around me in nature.  The flowers I have painted have served as a creative biography, mapping out the path of my life as an artist and as a creative expression of life as I know it.  The paints, depths of details and colours have become my guiding light, as a way to express my inner spirit whilst my physical body has had to overcome many challenges.

Portraiture has become another strong element of my work, with the self-portrait being the foundation,  Through a series of self-portraits, I have been able to uncover an honesty, openness and freedom in my style.  I have made it onto the reserved list for the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year twice, which has motivated me to pursue this further.

Teaching art has also played an important role in my work, helping others to tap into their creative side and tease out a talent that is in all of us but for whatever reason has been stifled or taken a back seat.  My style of teaching is supportive and nurturing and by sharing a love of art with others, I hope it will give them the confidence to pursue a creative path for themselves.